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A virtual walk through Jack the Ripper's Whitechapel in 1888.

Jack the Ripper's London walk.

Your online Jack the Ripper Tour Guide.

It doesn't matter where in the world you live - you can now take a Jack the Ripper Tour of London on your computer or laptop.

This unique virtual London walk through the streets of Spitalfields and Whitechapel is brought to you by leading Jack the Ripper tour guide Richard Jones.

Step by bloodcurdling step you will be taken on a journey back in time to see the streets of London's East End just as they were in 1888 when an unknown miscreant brought terror to the everyday lives of the people who lived in the area.

Nobody was ever brought to justice for the crimes and, as a consequence, the identity of Jack the Ripper is, without doubt, one of the worlds greatest unsolved mysteries.

Every year books come out claiming to have finally nailed the ripper once and for all, but the majority of them tend to add to the mystery rather than furnish us with a final solution.

What these books do prove, however, is just how insatiable the public appetite is for anything to do with this particular series of crimes.

It has been estimated that every year in excess of a million people trudge around the murder sites on organised Jack the Ripper Tours.

Many more millions throughout the world recognise the name of Jack the Ripper and would, no doubt, love to join one of the London walks around the Jack the Ripper murder sites if they could only get to visit London.

Until now those who wanted to undertake a Jack the Ripper walk have either had to wait until they had the chance to visit London or have been forced to simply read summaries of the walks on offer on the websites, or in the tour brochures, of those firms that offer regular guided Jack the Ripper tours.

But of course those websites and leaflets have been produced specifically to tempt you into joining that company's tour and not to give you the opportunity to explore and understand the complexity of the streets of the area where the murders took place. To really get to the heart of this fascinating murder mystery, and to understand why it was that the ripper was able to strike, apparently at will, in a very small area, sometimes almost right under the noses of police officers, and was then able to melt away in to the night, you have to understand what the area was like at the time of the crimes. This is not the sort of information you are going to get from advertising literature.

Now though things have changed with the launch of Richard Jones's online Jack the Ripper London Tour.

Richard has been conducting and devising innovative London walks since 1982 and has more experience of introducing people to this fascinating subject than any other guide on the London walks scene.

He is also the author of two best selling books on the subject Uncovering jack the Ripper's London and Jack the Ripper:-The Casebook. In addition he was the writer and presenter of the acclaimed documentary Unmasking Jack the Ripper. He has appeared on virtually all the recent documentaries aired on the subject on Channel Five, Sky One and on the History and Discovery Channel.

In short he is the perfect host to escort you on a step by step journey around the streets and places associated with the Jack the Ripper murders.

So, as the old advert used to say, prepare to let your fingers do the walking by clicking on the link below and, wherever you are in the world, prepare to be transported back in time to the autumn of 1888 on this unique online Jack the Ripper Tour.

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Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London Book Cover.

Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London, by Ripper expert Richard Jones takes you on a fascinating journey back to the autumn of 1888 and tells the story of the 10 weeks over which the Whitechapel murders occurred. a close look at the period over The book is illustrated with both full colour and evocative black and white photographs that give an excellent feel for Jack the Ripper's London then and now.

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Unmasking Jack the Ripper Cover

Unmasking Jack the Ripper, an acclaimed drama documentary was written by and is presented by author and leading ripper expert Richard Jones. It takes you step by step through the Jack the Ripper murders and features interviews with expert ripperologists including Paul Begg and Lindsay Siviter.

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